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Welcome to the SanDart Puppets & Marionettes home page. Until recently we have offered handmade puppets and also marionette kits on-line for our visitors. However, the demand for our products has been more than we can support with the small facility at hand. We have therefore rearranged the site to provide information and entertainment dealing with the subject of puppetry and marionettes, and other creative arts which are of interest to those dropping by the site. Please visit our content pages to see some of our puppet creations in the SanDart Puppet Gallery, or visit the SanDart Factory to learn a little about how our marionettes are made. We also have Puppet Instruction areas where you can learn how to operate the basic marionette controller and we have constructed a Puppet Info Exchange message board for visitors to share their enthusiasm and knowledge about puppets. As we continue to rearrange the site, look for new Puppet Shows starring our favorite marionettes, and the growing list of links to Sites We Like on the internet.
Please feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions or comments about the site, or are interested in the products shown. While we do not offer our marionettes through this site, we may at times use auction sites such as eBay to meet the needs of our valued visitors.