Sit Back and Enjoy the SanDart Marionette Puppet Show

Greetings from the SanDart Puppet Stage! We are finally done with the next act of the puppet show. In the spirit of the new year we wish to present “Ask Lucky” for your entertainment.

STAGE                       Name of Puppet Show
Stage 1                         Virtual Egg Hunt with the Easter Monkey – find the egg.
 Stage 2                      Welcome to Santa’s Workshop – Santa’s secret North Pole tour
Stage 3                       Santa’s Christmas List – enter your naughty/nice list for Santa
Stage 4                       Ask Lucky Ask the Leprechaun fortune teller.

 Stage 5                       test testing new show

Take a load off and enjoy the SanDart Puppet show. Look for a few short puppet skits that are provided to show you some of the ways you can animate  your marionette and make the puppet creations come to life.


When the writers are very busy trying to get through the scripts needed for a drama of this magnitude!





the actors are rehearsing their

lines for a feature role in
a soon

to be legendary presentation.


Please come back as we make preparations
for the next show. Feel free
to check this page for updates as we
finish construction.





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